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Anglokom work with eminent global brands to deliver ROI focused, enterprise-class training and communication solutions via our regional hubs in Europe (UK, Germany), South East Asia (Thailand) and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong). We work hard to guarantee that all of our service options are delivered with the passion and depth of expertise necessary to make impactful changes within the businesses we are proud to partner with – and we are delighted that our contributions to these businesses are recognized in both high client satisfaction, and in on-going, long-term professional relationships often spanning years.

Our core areas of expertise span targeted business orientated language training (in European and Asian languages), soft-skills training (across a broad spectrum of essential business administration skills), inter-cultural competency training (in European, American, and Asian cultural awareness), and cultural integration services.

Moreover, we operate additional business units dedicated to translation services covering website localisation, multi-media localisation, technical translations, and e-learning and training localisation.

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